“The way ahead of us is full of both challenges and opportunities, we need to forget the achievements we have got and work hard from now again” ——Thoughts on Jufeel Engaged in Aloe Industry for 20 years

“The way ahead of us is full of both challenges and opportunities, we need to forget the achievements we have got and work hard from now again” ——Thoughts on Jufeel Engaged in Aloe Industry for 20 years

  On April 18, 2019, i feel like saying something. On the same day 20 years ago, i received the first batch of three containers of aloe vera seedlings imported from the United States in Xiuyinggang Port, Haikou city, Hainan province. Since then, i have forged a bond with aloe. Time flies and i also grow up from a thirties young man to a fifties mid-aged man. For all those hardships i have experienced, it seems still vivid in my mind and motivates me to keep on moving.

  A few months ago, i went to Hainan aloe planting base to have a look, watching the green aloe vera field, full of joy and pride from the bottom of my heart. When looking mirror, i found white hair in my temples. Although many people said it is hard to guess my age, i still think 20 years are enough time even to marry a daughter. My aloe vera finally grow up and Jufeel also develops to a higher degree, and i believe that aloe industry in China will prosper with Jufeel leading the way.

  Jufeel changed from an agricultural planting enterprise to a complete aloe vera industry chain group integrating agricultural planting, science research, processing and marketing for the passed 20 years. Frankly speaking, since i decided to plant aloe at the beginning, i never thought about its scale. I just felt aloe is a good thing and it may create more value and bring huge profits to our company. It’s hard to imagine if i have courage to persist if i knew it needs to be put so much capital at that time. Once my partner once asked me if i ever thought about giving up in my hard times. I didn’t give a direct answer. But i knew deep inside that i really want to give up several times when i almost can’t stand it. My classmates graduated from Wuhan University with me all were head of administration in different places. Even for those business partners stared entrepreneurship at the same period, they also became extremely rich. While i decided to give up my civil servant job and became a farmer, which became their lasting source of glee after dinner sometimes.

  I never thought that it would paid price so much if i want to make things well done. When difficulties came, i hesitated, wandered and selected for many times to carry on or sell it. I almost sold it to a listed company to become a small shareholder. While i decided to manage it on my own even facing difficulties ahead at the time of singing contracts. If i really sold it to that listed company, then i would fail live up to those shareholders and partners who have trusted and followed me so many years never betraying. In fact, some shareholders in the early age of our company already lost patience to follow me. Finally i still persuaded them and told them with sincerity and persistence that a person just need to do one right thing in his life. Follow Communist Party of China, then we can win and go to Tiananmen Square, while follow Kuo Min Tang , we will be defeated and flee to Taiwan. Sometimes, i really appreciate myself and post shareholders’ firm relief in crucial time so that we have today 20 years of Jufeel. In that past 20 years, my wife Guo Li, my partner Fu Wenxing, Ren Aizhen, Lv Xingjian encourage and supported me in every crucial point with power of life. My aged parents and family also expressed support and care with their smile.

  Last month, we formally passed the S1 report approval by Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States and came into effect. It means we can represent “China’s first IPO in aloe industry” to exchange and list at any securities market in America. Investment banks in China and Wall Street all have positive attitudes towards our future. As a leading enterprise in China’s aloe industry , my shareholders and i all have beautiful wish for our prospect and we are formally affirmed by international society for the first time in the past 20 years.

  We have transferred strategic focus to in-depth development of aloe 10 years ago when aloe industry were still regarded as an agricultural planting and processing industry world wide. We found the essence of substance in more than 200 ingredients of aloe and purified it with the ratio of 10000/1.5. As for the polysacchride substance easily absorbed by human body, we name it as “PMAS”. While its function has been gradually demonstrated by effects on treatment of AIDS and it has been used to the second phase of clinical trail on AIDS patients organized by Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Administration in Tanzania. Our cooperative partner, special economic adviser of Tanzania president, Mr. Igogo, said to me affectionately: AIDS clinical report of 10 most authoritative hospitals in our country shows that PMAS of your company produce unexpected effects on AIDS. Now we have seven AIDS viral load reduced zero. My dear brother, i appreciate you so much on behalf of our Tanzanian people. I really felt excited to faint at that moment. This special envoy who once introduced artemisinin into Africa actually had doubts on me at the beginning. But he was sincerely convinced when he got the clinical report. My eyes were drenched with tears at that moment......

  Up to this day, dare to face international counterparts and proud to sat that we have surpassed the foreign counterparts in some technology fields of aloe and reached the international leading level which is what i feel happy for the 20 years. I finally changed my role from a farmer to a worker and then a scientific and technical worker and stand on the top of the aloe industry. Now, we almost invest tens of millions of in the scientific research every year and boast dozens of experts and scholars, doctors and professors exploring mystery in aloe field with us. Today, we not merely pursue to maximize the commercial value of aloe vera development. What we value is how to contribute the most magic part of aloe vera to society and let more and more people can enjoy power of life brought by aloe science and technology. If you said we were just a group of farmers 20 years ago, then, today we have a greater responsibility to take care of health of the people in the world 20 years later.

  Let everybody fully display his talents, make the best of everything. No matter how many difficulties and hardships we have met for the past 20 years, today we can proudly say that Jufeel has grown up and succeeded. As the first IPO in China’s aloe industry, we must take advantage of listing in the United States and since when shall we reach the top, and hold all mountains in a single glance in future. Promote PMAS worldwide, Build a hundred million Jufeel.

  Chairman Mao once said in his poem that“The way ahead of us is full of both challenges and opportunities, we need to forget the achievements we have got and work hard from now again”, which i think is a best picture of Jufeel now.

                                                     Zhang Rongxuan

                                                       At the Headquarter of Jufeel


20 Years with Fruits and Success,Work Hard to Press Ahead

  On April 18,1999, Dr. Zhang Rongxuan, a Chinese scientist of Jiangsu province, first introduced eight containers of aloe seedings of Aloe Vera from the Aloecorp base of America in Texas and planted it in Hainan Meiting Agricultural Development Experimental Zone. Dr. Zhang Rongxuan named AloeVera as Curacao. Today, Aloe Vera has been a household name in China and Dr. Zhang has also been known as “Father of Aloe Vera in China” in aloe industry. At the same year in September, Zhang Rongxuan established China’s largest aloe vera planting base in Hainan province.

  In 2001, Hainan R&D center of Jufeel overcame the extract technology of aloe vera polysaccharide macromolecular carbohydrate and first introduced the concept of “aloe polysaccharide”.

  In May, 2002, Hainan R&D center of Jufeel was the first to put forward and realize the”six hours fresh-keeping, purification and processing for aloe vera" technique in China.

  In June, 2002, Hainan R&D center of Jufeel introduced an advanced aloe technology from the world's largest aloe raw material supplier, South Korean Nanyang Aloe Group Co., Ltd. and launched aloe vera compound ingredients, aloe tablets, the third generation rich in 5% of aloe polysaccharide retaining aloe vitamins, minerals, amino acids and active enzymes.

  In 2003, professor Zhang Rongxuan used the technology of South Korean Nanyang Aloe Group Co., Ltd. and American Aloecorp to process the fourth generation aloe vera refined powder capsule, a separated live product rich in 10% of aloe polysaccharide.

  In 2004, Hainan R&D center of Jufeel started to explore the solution of renal failure and tumor diseases by using the fourth generation separated live product.

  In June, 2005, Hainan R&D center of Jufeel started to explore the solution of AIDS by using the fourth generation separated live product.

  In 2006, professor Zhang Rongxuan began to cooperate with virus laboratory of the University of California, Davis, America and put forward the topic of building immune system of AIDS patients by using the fourth generation product.

  In 2007, professor Zhang Rongxuan of Jufeel began to cooperate with scholars from Taiwan University and Taiwan Chung Shan Medical University, putting forward the topic of solving tumor problems and rebuilding immune system of AIDS patients by using the fourth-generation product.

  In June, 2008, Jufeel became the first company in China to use the technology of American Aloecorp to process aloe oral liquid, a kind of highly-absorbed separated live product rich in 25% of aloe polysaccharide; raw materials also evolved from original fluid to spray drying powder and freeze-dried powder, and to the fifth generation molecular sieve technology crystal drying powder.

  In September, 2010, Jufeel made the sixth generation injection products as new research topic and named them as Jufeel No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4, seeking to improve the effect on human body with the fastest pace; and also took subdivision of aloe polysaccharide as a new research direction of Jufeel laboratory.

  In 2012, Jufeel cooperated with Life and Science School of Changzhou University to establish Jufeel natural drug R&D center and launched the sixth generation product. At the same time, Jufeel filed 10 invention patents to Chinese State Patent Office for the discovery of J-01, J-02 and J-031.

  In November, 2012, Taiwan joint scientific research team of Jufeel obtained ideal results in inhibiting AIDS virus and reconstructing immune recovery system by using aloe vera and mixed preparations of Chinese herbal medicine. J-01 and J-031 as independent R&D by Jufeel had good effect in virus inhibition and J-02 was mainly applied in reconstructing and improving immune system of human body.

  In 2013, Jufeel and College of Pharmacy of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine conducted technical cooperation to jointly develop the latest drugs of aloe vera for anti-cancer, being young state and AIDS immune system reconstruction.

  In March, 2014, Jufeel announced that the being young state substance ZD-01 extracted from aloe vera increased by five to six times than the research data of 2013. This substance, known as super ZD cell energy element, was named PMAS by professor Zhang Rongxuan.

  In July, 2014, Jufeel officially announced that the most essential substance of aloe, PMAS, representing one of the highest international technical standards of aloe industry, was discovered and purified successfully after more than fifteen years of hard work, numerous experiments and continuous exploration.

  On May 20, 2016, aloe polysaccharide oral liquid PMAS", a new AIDS adjuvant drug developed jointly by Jufeel biotechnology and Tanzania PMAS pharmaceutical company, was registered and approved by TFDA of Tanzania(Registered No.:TEN16FF0276). This is the first batch number of ancillary drug registration certificate obtained by "PMAS" aloe polysaccharide oral liquid in the east African community where AIDS is concentrated.

  On February 9, 2017, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Jufeel Biotechnology donated aloe vera biologicals(PMAS) worthy $5.3 million to the National Institute of Health Research (NIMR) of the Ministry of Health of Tanzania. The signing ceremony held at the NIMR of the Ministry of Health of Tanzania. Jufeel and NIMR signed a three-year cooperative medical research agreement upon this donation ceremony. The research direction is to solve the problems of nephrology, oncology, and immune system deficiency, and is used for the development of public health cause in Tanzania.

  In July 2017, Jufeel Biotechnology donated “PMAS Aloe Oral Liquid”, worthy $5.3 million to the National Institute of Health Research (NIMR) of Tanzania, and it passed the global PONY test and the world's leading Swiss SGS test.

  In November 2017, at the International Summit on the 42nd Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Thailand and the “One Belt, One Road” Economic and Trade Culture Integrated Development Conference, Professor Zhang Rongxuan and Jufeel were respectively awarded the “One Belt and One Road Brand Star Special Contribution Award in Health Industry ” and “Black Technology Gold Award in Aloe Industry” .

  In December 2017, Professor Zhang Rongxuan was invited to the United States to participate in the United Nations "2030 Stop AIDS Spread" charity event, and was cordially received by US President Donald Trump. United Nations World AIDS Organization (WAOUN) presented Zhang Rongxuan with "World's Most Outstanding AIDS Prevention and Treatment Award". New York City Mayor Bai Sihao issued Mr. Zhang Rongxuan the New York Armband Medal, which fully affirmed his contribution to the AIDS public welfare undertaking.

  In April 2018, professor Zhang Rongxuan brought “the role of "PMAS" in the recovery and regeneration of brain neurons and new techniques of senile dementia and brain atrophy", together with Dr. Yan Weijun,a distinguished professor of Zhejiang University, medical expert of Thousand Talents Program in Zhejiang province, who won the English Medicine Award, participated in the 46th Geneva International Invention Exhibition and won the gold medal in the category of “Medical Health” .

  On May 31, 2018, the invention patent on the "method for the use of aloe vera to prepare freeze-dried powder injection for promoting estrogen secretion" received the official approval letter from the examiner of United States Patent and Trademark Office, application number: US15/011450, international PCT invention patent number: PCT/CN2013/001297 10/282013, marking the world's cutting-edge biotechnology through aloe vera extract to achieve anti-aging and youthful state.

  On August 30, 2018, special subject research on the effect of PMAS aloe film on the clinical symptoms of women with menopausal syndrome was launched in the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (301 Hospital).

  In September, 2018, at the 20th Special Seminar on International Safety of AIDS and Infectious Diseases, the President of the General Assembly, Mr. Rex Stoton, personally issued the academic honor certificate to professor Zhang Rongxuan, jointly awarded by the world's three prestigious universities, Oxford University, University of Strasbourg, France, and University of California, United States.

  On September 12, 2018, Mr. IGOGO, Special Economic Advisor of the President of Tanzania, specially came to China to thank professor Zhang Rongxuan, the international patent holder of PMAS technology and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jufeel International Group, and brought the clinical reports of several hospitals in Tanzania. In first phase clinical trials, 36 people had AIDS. After three months of PMAS combined with antiretroviral drugs, the blood HIV load decreased by an average of 89%, and 7 of them had an HIV load of 0. The results of PMAS treatment of AIDS far exceed the expectations of the Tanzanian side, and Tanzania is very grateful to professor Zhang Rongxuan for his contribution to the country's public health cause.

  In March 2019, Jufeel donated PMAS biologicals worthy more than $5 million to the National Institute of Health Research (NIMR) of the Ministry of Health of Tanzania for the second phase clinical trial of AIDS. The second phase of clinical involves 600 patients, the research cycle is 6 months, and it is expected that the upgrading from auxiliary drugs to conventional drugs will be completed before December 2019, and enter the Tanzanian medical insurance system.

  In March 2019, Jufeel and Zhejiang University signed a cooperation agreement on the development of the new type natural polysaccharide compound PMAS as new drug anti-HIV. Joint efforts by schools and enterprises can provide new pharmaceuticals and treatment strategies to solve public health problems in the world.

  On March 29, 2019, the S-1 filing of Jufeel International Group (code: CNJG) to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally came into effect after several rounds of approval by SEC.

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