Phoenix Weekly Interview: PMAS Discoverer: Professor Zhang Rongxuan and His Aloe Black Technology

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Phoenix Weekly Interview: PMAS Discoverer: Professor Zhang Rongxuan and His Aloe Black Technology

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  Phoenix Weekly Interview: PMAS Discoverer: Professor Zhang Rongxuan and His Aloe Black Technology

  Foreword: Chinese old saying: “The person who wants to make a big deal must take social responsibility, how many people he is concerned, how great target he can achieve”. And Zhang Rongxuan has a strong sense of social responsibility. Others call him an entrepreneur who uses technology to create a world-class enterprise in the field of aloe vera life sciences. He feels that he is just a researcher who is attached to the application of aloe vera. It is his value to contribute to human health.

  On October 18, 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is opened in Beijing. On behalf of the 18th Central Committee, Xi Jinping gives a report to the conference. He mentions: "implementing a healthy China strategy, people's health is an "important sign" of national prosperity and national prosperity. On this day, "Phoenix Life" reporter happened to see Professor Zhang Rongxuan who has been committed to human health career for 18 years, he is praised by the industry as "the father of Chinese Aloe Vera". he is gentle and courteous with clear eyes. He said: "The whole world is paying attention to the word ‘Chinese dream’ put forward by the Xi Jinping. The Chinese dream is actually the sum of the dreams of every ordinary people who yearn for a good life. And my Chinese dream is to use aloe technology to benefit the Chinese people and the people of the world."

  Stronger in adversity

  Zhang Rongxuan is the Bachelor of Economics of Wuhan University, Pharmacy Graduate of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honorary Doctor of Medicine of Davis Branch School of University of California, , Adjunct Professor and Master Instructor of Changzhou University. He was born in the 1960s at Nantong, Jiangsu Province. In the early 1990s, Zhang Rongxuan abandoned his position in government and became the core leader of a listed company. In the eyes of others, he has achieved great achievements and can enjoy a comfortable life, but he always feels that this is not the life he wants.

  In 1996, a comprehensive evaluation of the United Nations on wild plants in the world reported that aloe vera is the most suitable wild plant for human health. From the comprehensive effect on the human body, the value of aloe vera is far more than that of plants such as Cordyceps sinensis and seaweed. .After Zhang Rongxuan conducts a rigorous investigation with a keen insight, determining the research of aloe is the cause he had to do for a lifetime. He resolutely gives up the financial career that he had struggled for many years.

  On April 18, 1999, Zhang Rongxuan takes the lead in introducing eight containers of Aloe Vera seedlings from Texas, USA, and settles the seeds in the Meiting Agricultural Development Experimental Zone in Chengmai County, Hainan Province. A new chapter in Chinese Aloe Vera is opened. Because these seedlings are native to the Curaçao Islands in the Caribbean, Dr. Zhang Rongxuan named it “Curaçao Aloe” . Thus, Zhang Rongxuan is called “the father of Chinese Aloe Vera” by the industry.

  The first big problem encountered by Zhang Rongxuan is that there was no industry standard for Chinese aloe. In order to be able to follow international standards, he leads the Hainan Zhongchen Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. to exchange and cooperate with the industry-preferred Korean Nanyang Aloe Company, American ALECORP Company, American Permanent Company and other industry authorities, and quickly integrate with the international development concept. According to the standard construction base of the International Aloe Science Committee, and the products passes the test of the most authoritative Swiss SGS. The company becomes one of the earliest export aloe enterprises in China.

  In order to ensure that the planted aloe vera can meet the export standards, he strictly requires the organic planting method of grown aloe vera, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Although the production of aloe vera is halved, the aloe vera has passed the EU organic planting certification, the US POP organic planting certification, the Japanese JAS organic planting certification and the Chinese organic planting certification, as well as the US FDA food safety testing certification, the European food initiated by the Netherlands. Safety FSSC22000 certification, UK-sponsored European food safety PAS220 certification, Jewish food safety certification, International Aloe Science Committee IASC certification and ISO9002 and other management certifications. His company becomes the first aloe planting enterprise in China to obtain export qualifications. Today, the company has become an internationally renowned aloe raw material supplier in Tongrentang, Coca-Cola, Mary Kay and many German companies.

  Endless scientific research and innovation

  The extensive development model of simply supplying raw materials is not the original intention of Zhang Rongxuan. Only by increasing the development and application of the active ingredients of Aloe vera, and carrying forward the development is fundamental.

  He begins to invest huge scientific research fees, and successively conducts academic exchanges with many universities and colleges such as Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Changzhou University, and hires researchers from Malaysia, Taiwan, and China to form a joint research team.

  The team has won more than ten national invention patents, and some patents have passes the review of the International Patent Alliance (PCT) and have achieved international leading level.

  After completing the construction of the aloe industry chain, the development of the enterprise Jufeel Group, which is led by him, entered the fast lane. After the first generation of taste food, the second generation of polysaccharide products, the third generation of compound nutrition food, the fourth generation of the separation and preservation products, the fifth generation of high-absorption separation and preservation products, Jufeel Group successively completes the research, development and production of Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Nourishing Beauty Capsule, Aloe Vera Tablet, Aloe Vera Powder Capsule and Aloe Oral Liquid. In July, 2014, Professor Zhang Rongxuan discovers the PMAS component in the aloe component through the purification of seven over ten thousand ratio, and this technology obtains the approval of the international PCT Patent Alliance organization, which opened another layer of mystery of aloe ingredient.

  The PMAS is the acronym of PURE MATERIAL ACEMANNAN SOURCE, which means “high-purity substance from the source of acemannan”.

  For the health of all mankind

  "The big-picture vision is actually the inner layout of a person's mind, courage, and vision; always stay calm and peaceful before the adversity and trouble, Mr. Zhang always has such a mental state, because his vision is wider than the world; Jufeel has become a world-class enterprise in the field of aloe technology in organic planting, raw material extraction, separation and purification, high-end research and development, aseptic production and sales services, due to his wide vision.” Fu Wenxing, vice president of Jufeel Group, said.

  “Achieve the international standard of 'Jufeel PMAS aloe oral liquid' by introducing the most advanced international management standards and the strictest third-party supervision, it also ensures the quality and safety of“Jufeel PMAS aloe oral liquid” and also represents the highest threshold for the development of aloe biologics into strict quality control, remarks the embodiment of quality requirements in China and the global market." Professor Zhang Rongxuan, chief scientist of Jufeel Biotechnology, said.

  Zhang Rongxuan said that with the continuous innovation and major breakthroughs in life sciences and biotechnology, the world is going to start a new industrial revolution. As a new industry with huge market potential, the health care industry has huge development space. Mr. Zhang Rongxuan leads the company to the world not only to contribute to building a bio-economic company, but most importantly, let life technology better serve human beings. This is his dream. It is the goal of working hard for the rest of his life.

  It is understood that on April 25, 2017, the US Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the documents required for the listing of Jufeel International Group, and the company will be listed in New York in early 2018.

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